Emergency Response Planning Application
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Emergency Response Planning Application

Online Contacts Application for Premier Oil

User interface design

In partnership with Equion Consulting we were approached to design an online contacts application for Premier Oil. Intended users were support staff and the emergency response team. Based on this, ease of use and instant accessibility were key to the success of this project. As UI design lead, our brief was to create a user interface design that was visually appealing, was branded according to the strict Premier Oil guidelines, and delivered a simple and user-friendly functionality.

Premiier Oil Contacts Application Homepage

Although primarily for use on mobile devices, the application needed to be accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Our solution was to build an online application rather than a native app, making it available to all staff on all devices.

Premier Oil ship

Our solution

The driving force behind our delivered solution was a combination of visual design, interaction design and information architecture. Clear navigational elements were key, and we created a simple user interface that focused on anticipating and facilitating what users might need to do. We designed a secure login area whereby users could gain access to their dashboard at any time, and a built-in search and filtering functionality meant that users could find specific staff details depending on their immediate requirements.

The integration of this application into Premier Oil has resulted in a reduction in admin and support costs, and happier, more satisfied and highly engaged users.

Premiier Oil Contacts Application - view responders

Chemical Design have consistently produced excellent, clear and intuitive designs for our web applications and company website. Working closely with our in house development team they have helped us achieve real success.

John McGuire, Equion Consulting