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Russell Hobbs Website - Usability Review

User profiling for Russell Hobbs UK

Site Review

Equion Consulting asked us to work in partnership with them for their client, Russell Hobbs. Russell Hobbs were looking to rollout their UK site to the rest of Europe and wanted to ensure that the site would perform to its optimum capability and meet user requirements. We were asked to perform a usability review on the website in order to identify any issues or potential areas for improvement.

User Profiles

We responded to this by creating six user profiles based on existing Russell Hobbs customers. Our focus was intentions and expectations, so in creating these profiles we looked in great detail at reasons for visiting the Russell Hobbs website, the descriptions of individual experiences and attitudes to using the internet in general.


Each profile was given a specific task to perform on the website, and we then analysed and reviewed the process taken by each profile. By recording in detail these user journeys we were able to document:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Online Actions
  • Emotion and Response
  • Warnings, Blocks and Successes

An example of our user-journey documentation...

Russell Hobbs User Journeys

Intentions and expectations

Creation of User Profiles

Because our findings were based solely on the experiences of typical Russell Hobbs customers, we were able to make a number of concrete recommendations for improvements to the overall UX of the site.

Equion User Profile
Equion User Profile
Equion User Profile
Equion User Profile
Equion User Profile
Equion User Profile

In the rolling out of the website across Europe, Russell Hobbs has seen improved site performance, increased customer satisfaction and greater revenue.

Chemical Design have consistently produced excellent, clear and intuitive designs for our web applications and company website. Working closely with our in house development team they have helped us achieve real success.

John McGuire, Equion Consulting