WinLearnChange Branding

A first-class re-branding for change agent WLC

WLC Consulting is a Change Agent enabling companies to improve business performance by empowering the people in their organizations. They pride themselves on being at the cutting-edge of change management and organisational effectiveness and felt that their current identity was out of step with these values. They wanted to update their brand, first online and then look at how these updates could be filtered across to their other marketing efforts.

In order for us to understand the branding message that needed to be communicated, we looked at the ethos behind WinLearnChange and those three elements that combine and join together to make up their company. We applied those elements to the design to create a distinct look and feel that makes the brand instantly recognisable to their audience. Their brand essence was a complicated mix of corporate and friendly, in a way that would make clients feel confident. This needed to be communicated in way that was authoritative, aspirational and exclusive.

WLC brand guidelines

A classical typeface that has an elegant form and structure and importantly is scalable

We felt that the success of this lay in a strong logo and exceptional typography. The logo is very simple and but powerful in both reflecting the three key areas as distinct from one another and illustrating the continuous cycle between all three. We eventually chose a classical typeface that has an elegant form and structure and importantly is scalable, working well in both small and large font sizes with a colour palette that would work across different meda. A small additional letter spacing between the "WinLearnChange" slightly broke the three words up but it looked and read like a continuous word, again reflecting the idea of three elements working in unison.

WLC Typography

We provided WLC with a brand style guide and this has enabled them to take ownership of and protect their new brand; it has strengthened their place in the market, and helped to establish them as a market-leader and an exceptional company to work with.

WLC Logo
WLC Logo