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Search Application

A bespoke search application for London-based law firm


Equion Consulting create customised search solutions for a number of clients. Their solutions need to be visually engaging, intuitive, flexible, scalable and secure. Having worked with Equion Consulting on a number of other projects, they came to us with a very simple request: to improve an existing search application for a legal client that was visually outdated and very difficult to use or to extract useful search results from.

Equion Search Application Search Page
Equion Search Application Advanced Search Page

User Iinterface Design (UI)

Working within the constraints of limited time and budget, we focused on a visual overhaul, improved usability, and simplified the mechanics of the search engine. Stakeholder input was vital to the success of this project, so we presented three initial design concepts and refined our ideas based on user feedback.

We created a familiar looking interface, based on the simplicity of Google, with an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme.

Huge improvements to the search filtering

Greater accuracy

We worked with Equion to bring about huge improvements to the search filtering and dramatically refined the search indexing and results generated. We also implemented progressive disclosure for Advanced Search.

Measuring the success

Increasing productivity

The business benefits delivered by the success of this project are seen in increased productivity, improved ease of use and greater accuracy and relevance in terms of search results.

Splash Website Homapege

Chemical Design have consistently produced excellent, clear and intuitive designs for our web applications and company website. Working closely with our in house development team they have helped us achieve real success.

John McGuire, Equion Consulting