Terminal Velocity Application

This funky freefall calculator gives customers a fascinating indication of jump speed to share on Facebook

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Our mission was to create a stand-alone application aligned to the GoSkydive website that would let site users and GoSkydive customers calculate their likely freefall speed. Simplicity was the key - users were encouraged to share on social media, competing with friends and family to record the fastest potential jump.

GoSkydive Terminal Velocity Calculator
GoSkydive Terminal Velocity Calculator Team

Bespoke design

We veered away from the rigid structure of our design for the main GoSkydive website, instead creating a single page with freehand calculations like in a school textbook and bespoke illustrations throughout. CSS3 animations bring the top banner to life.

Promoted to users through Facebook and integrated as part of GoSkydive’s customer accounts page, the app is a fun bonus for customers, is building interest in GoSkydive and is an effective social media marketing tool.

A successful, relevant sharing application

Topical and newsworthy

For extra interest we hooked onto Tim Peake’s decent back to earth from the International Space Station – an 'out-of-this-world' 514 mph!

A successful project built on collaboration

Greater accuracy

Credibility was key to GoSkydive’s reputation for professionalism, so we collaborated with Get Unified, a local development agency, to create the calculator and the algorithm needed to give a very accurate freefall speed - which was based on your weight, body type, jump height, instructor and weather conditions.

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These guys got under the skin of the project from the outset.
A great team to work with.

Rachael Hallet, GoSkydive